How Often Should I Mow My Brisbane Lawn?

The ideal mowing frequency depends on the type of grass you have. Each type of grass has an optimal length. We can help you identify the type of grass you have and advise on its optimal length. You should mow as often as necessary to keep your grass close to its optimal length. Here's some optimal lengths for common varieties:

Buffalo Grass = 40 – 45mm

Carpet Grass = 40mm

Coastal Mix = 40mm

Green Couch = 25 – 30mm

QLD Blue Couch = 35mm

Zoysia Grass = 40mm

Next important rule - don't cut more than a third off your grass's length. You definitely don't want to be seeing the yellow grass below the surface. So keep the level ratcheted up.

If you break either of these mowing rules in a big way - cutting significantly below optimal length or more than a third - you cause you grass undue stress which will affect its health, leaving it vulnerable to disease, and gives weeds a stronger opportunity to take hold.

Rough rules of thumb for Brisbane's climate:

  • Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - fortnightly mowing should work.
  • but keep an eye on growth rate and cut more or less frequently to maintain that optimal length and avoid cutting more that a third - that might mean weekly mowing in the summer and every three weeks in winter. Temperature, rainfall and sunlight are going to be key.